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In light of Government advice and instructions on how to help contain the spread of the virus we have taken the following action:

· the office is closed until further notice

(but we are trying to keep in touch remotely with the families who have been using them).

Aims and Purposes

Sunrise Multicultural supports ethnic minority families in Banbury who are mainly of Pakistani descent. We serve single parent families, families on low income and from various wards in Banbury. Children from English families are part of the multi-cultural mix.

We aim to increase cultural awareness and integration within the community through our workshops and projects, develop parents' English language skills and as a result increase confidence in their parenting and social skills.

Sunrise Multicultural Project wants to address cultural issues affecting families' parenting abilities and their inclusion and integration into the wider community in Banbury, building links with schools in particular.

Click on the link below to hear what some of our young people have to say about the time they spend at Sunrise.

Hi Parents, I hope you are all keeping well. Please see below for more activities to keep your children occupied. Before accessing any websites please read the Internet policy listed under the policy section of the website. If you need any help or advice please call Maria 07985 170337 or email sunrisemcp.office@gmail.com

Make the most of outdoors - if you have a garden, make sure your children spend some time outdoors. If it's a small garden without room to run around, sitting or pottering outside provides a change of environment and is still good for their health. If you don't have a garden, get your children to take a walk or bike ride every day so they can enjoy some fresh air and exercise. The body needs to be physically tired as well as mentally, so it's vital to try and do something physical every day. Have a break from screen time and play a board game, complete a jigsaw puzzle get creative with resources that you might have at home such as Lego or Play-Do.

Are they interested in the family? - They could make a family tree, with photos and personal stories of family members they know, going further back in history as they do more research. This duals as helping to create a sense of belonging and certainty during a time when life has changed suddenly.

Geneology for beginners
Go virtual travelling - take a round-the-world trip by visiting two or three virtual museums. Either choose museums in places you'd like to visit, or work around things you enjoy - such as natural history, space, modern art, sculpture or a specific artist. Or, why not enjoy a trip to the theatre? The National Theatre is streaming a different play each week. The Open University offer a large number of free courses (Year 11s and Sixth Formers might be particularly interested).

Arts & crafts - how about making rainbow handprint pictures. Send any to Maria or email sunrisemcp.office@gmail.com and we can put them on them website. Paper mache - you will need old newspapers and a blown up balloon. Make a glue mixture - mix one cup of flour and one cup of warm water, mix to make a thick paste. Tear small pieces of newspaper and stick onto the balloon using the paste. Leave to dry and them add another layer. Keep doing this for at least 6 layers. Leave to dry, pop the balloon with a pin. Decorate the balloon or cut in half to make a mask.

Cooking - try a few simple recipes such as rice crispie or fairy cakes. The BBC Good Food website has lots of easy recipes to make with children.

To help children relax before bed try, CBeebies Bedtime Stories. A different story read each night just before bedtime.

If you need help with school lessons log onto BBC bitesize lessons.

Youth Groups Weekly Activity Section

Gardening update - please see photos of seeds sprouting sent in by one family.

Get three months of free guitar, bass or ukulele lessons with Fender Play.

Nikon is offering its photography courses for free during April.

The Scout Association have pulled together lots of activities for developing skills on their webpage The Great Indoors.

Fancy trying an online Escape Room challenge? See Escape From Home.

Cherwell District Council's Activity and Wellbeing Hub is a one-stop-shop for ideas on how to boost your physical and mental health without needing to leave your home.

Rainbow pictures - draw, colour or paint a rainbow of any size. Put it up in your window. Send a photo to Sunrise and we can put it on the website.

Junk modelling - raid the recycling bin for boxes and plastic containers, find some glue or sellotape and see what you can build or make.

Diary - we are living through history keep a daily or weekly written or picture account. You could write about what you are doing, eating, and what exercise you are doing.

Time Capsule - find a box and fill it with things e.g. newspaper cuttings, pictures, photos of you and your family, write how you are feeling and what you are looking forward to doing in the future. Create a personal file about yourself eg age, height, birthday, favourite colour, food, etc.

Museums - some are offering virtual tours and activities. Try the British Museum or The Tate Gallery - Tate kids activities and Ashmolean Museum #isolationCreations

Edinburgh zoo website has live web cams so you can see the animals.

Sport & Exercise

It's important that children and all the family get some daily exercise. There are lots things you can do at home. Challenge the children to run round the garden, time them on your phone and see if they can beat their time the following day. See who can jog on the spot the longest.

Try and get out for a walk, job or run in your local area. Just remember to keep a safe distance from others and wash your hands when you get home.

Joe Wicks PE lessons daily on Youtube.

Cherwell DC website has a whole section with suggestions for exercise - an action packed guide to staying inside.

FAST - if you are a member of FAST you can email FAST@cherwell-dc.gov.uk and they will design an exercise programme based on the age of children, size of garden and equipment you have.

Our Funders

Without our funders' help this project wouldn't be possible.

  • BBC Children in Need
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation
  • Big Lottery Fund